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Welcome to the final solution: The Model 11601 Motorcycle, ATV, and Industrial Drive Chain Cleaning System
(USA Utility Patent # 7682459 B1)

Finally, a solution that is truly effective for deep-cleaning motorcycle, ATV, and industrial drive chains

  • In-motion cleaning
  • Biodegradable cleaning solution
  • Eliminates endless scrubbing
  • Cleans up to three chains simultaneously
  • Not recommended for O-Ring or X-Ring Chains

With the exception of a handful of exotic and alternative technology motorcycles that are shaft or belt driven, all motorcycles, ATVs, and scooters have one thing in common: They can go nowhere without a drive chain. The benefits of a well maintained chain are evident to anyone who has ever experienced a dry, dirty, or worn chain, and/or worn sprockets - A severe lack of power, noise, wheel chatter, and in the worst case, a displaced or broken chain.

This revolutionary Drive Chain Cleaning System utilizes In-Motion Cleaning through the use of a low speed electric gear reduction motor, coupled with a fully adjustable drive platform, and a biodegradable cleaning solution. This system includes a fully adaptable variety of mounting options, and is as easy to use at a campsite or in the pit area, as it is in your garage, or a professional repair shop. Any size chain, from any machine can be thoroughly cleaned while unattended, as long as a 115 Volt AC power source is available.

All currently available cleaning systems rely on nylon or fiber bristles to perform the chain cleaning with the chain installed on the machine. While the Drive Chain may have an outward appearance of moderate cleanliness, it is unlikely that the moving parts of the chain have been affected at all. Additionally, when the chain remains installed on the machine, the sprockets may not be cleaned effectively.

The primary advantage to In-Motion Cleaning is that the cleaning solution is circulated throughout all chain components through constant, unloaded motion that includes a highly safe and effective cleaning agent. With the chain removed from the machine, the sprockets may also be thoroughly cleaned.

USA Utility Patent # 7682459 B1. We have secured a manufacturer, and are currently seeking wholesale and retail sales representatives in North, Central, and South America; Western, Northern, Central, and Eastern Europe; Central, Southeast, and Southwest Asia; Northern, Central, and Southern Africa, The Mediterranean, and Australia.

There are currently multiple products under development.
Please check back regularly for additional information.